Thursday, July 26, 2012

San Diego - Day 4

I did it!

The combination of SeaWorld and my three children did not kill me. I survived it - barely but I totally did. I am exhausted though.

Today we saw the Pets Rule show which featured dogs, cats, and a couple pigs. It was pretty funny and 4ft thought it was hilarious. Snugglebear slept through it and The Grumpybutt was on OCD overload and stacked and sorted stuff in Nana's scooter's basket.

Then we hoofed it to the other side of the park (of course) and caught the Sea Lion show which I have to say was my favorite because it was hilarious. I thought 4ft was going to pee his pants he was laughing so hard and even Grumpybutt quit tweaking on his OCD to watch it.

After lunch 4ft got his face painted. A pretty awesome dragon that took up a lot of his face. (I'll post pictures when I get home and can get them off my camera.) He had been begging me everyday to get it done so I promised today he could. 15 bucks for this dragon. I am clearly in the wrong line of art. I need to open up a face painting booth somewhere. Stick figures are $15 cool, right?

I had my splurge today. I told myself I could have one treat since I was on vacation and since I'm going home tomorrow I got a small slice of cherry cheesecake with dinner. I didn't finish my dinner, and I didn't finish the cheesecake bit I DID savor every bite of it I took. I'm not really worried about having eaten it. I had to have easily walked 5 miles each day. We got to the park each morning at 9am and didn't leave until 7pm.

I had a blast but I can't wait to get home. I miss my routines, my stuff, oh and I suppose the husband too.

I think I'm going to need a week to recoup from this one.

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