Wednesday, July 25, 2012

San Diego - Day 3

Had an awesome day.

We saw a whale show featuring Shamu. It was awesome. 4ft wanted to sit in the soak zone but then at the last minute chickened out because some people in front of us were tweaking on it so he started tweaking too. No skin off my nose I didn't want to be drenched first off in the morning anyway. I told him we probably wouldn't get wet anyway and he was tweaking for nothing but we moved up. Boy was I wrong. We would've had to swim out of there if we had stayed where we were.

While 4ft and my dad rode some rides my mom and I took the Grumpybutt and the Snugglebear to look at the sharks and bat rays. We went on the underwater conveyor belt and Grumpybutt thought it was totally awesome to watch the sharks swim over the top of him. He wanted to go back, against the flow of traffic, to do it again. Then at the bat rays my mom bought some fish to feed them. Grumpybutt took the whole carton and dumped it on the closest bat ray. It was funny and the upside was while the ray feasted on its smorgasbord we got to pet it. Grumpybutt thought that was even more awesome.

I just want to mention, I think I walked over 500 miles today (cue the Proclaimers) and my legs and feet feel like they are still walking.

I still remain strong against the temptation of the cakes and pies SeaWorld offers with every meal. I get either a salad or a cup of strawberries instead. I have been trying to not eat carbs at night but pickings are slim and I figure as long as I'm not gorging on cake I'm still doing better than nothing. Here's hoping that I am managing to atleast keep off the 16lbs I've already lost.

Tomorrow we're checking out the turtles, the penguins again (they're Grumpybutts favorite animal - we spent a lot of time there today too), and the arctic exhibit. I promised 4ft he could get his face painted and he wants to ride the Manta again.

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