Tuesday, July 24, 2012

San Diego - Day 2

Had. A. Blast. Today.

We got to SeaWorld at 9:30 this morning. We got breakfast - Not a lot of healthy choices which was unfortunate. I made do with a peach yogurt, some eggs, and potatoes. I stayed away from the muffins, the meats, and the cakes. Yeah they offer cake with breakfast. Crazy, right?

After breakfast we went and saw a dolphin show. It. Was. Awesome. 4ft and Grumpybutt really loved it. 4ft loved it so much he's decided that dolphin's are his favorite animal now. 4ft was hoping to be splashed as we sat in the splash zone but it didn't happen much to my relief - I'm not sure how the Grumpybutt in all his OCD glory would've handled it.

Then we did the usual stuff - ride rides, walk around (had to have been at least 3 miles), play games, and look at animals. 4ft won a dolphin for himself, a penguin for Grumpybutt, and a whale pillow pet for his sister. Isn't he just the nicest boy?

As to the rest of the day eating-wise:

For lunch I had eggplant Parmesan for lunch with a salad. It was the healthiest choice where we ate and I didn't eat the ginormous block of chocolate cake that the boys had (and left over half of it uneatened - which is why they don't struggle with their weight and I do cuz I would've licked that plate clean). For dinner I had a sandwich which I ate half of, some delicious strawberries, and a couple bites of potato salad. 4ft got an Oreo chocolate cream pie of some sort that looked and smelled delicious which he chose not to eat and i thought i might eat it but I ate the strawberries instead. Go me and willpower!

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