Monday, July 23, 2012

San Diego - Day 1

The Drive.

I got up at 4 am loaded the kids in the car and started driving. After a horrendous Denny's experience (how do you screw up oatmeal, really?) that took an hour and a half, Mc Donald's with a play area for lunch that took an hour, one stop for gas, and So Cal traffic we got to our hotel at 4:45 pm. Saying the day was long is an understatement.

After we unloaded the van we went to have dinner at a restaurant at the hotel. This place was classy -- Over priced food in a poorly lit building, with horrible music being piped over the speakers, and velvet paintings of naked chicks in ecstatic positions gracing the bar. Thank bob we only walked through the edges to the dining area which was thankfully "art" free. You are all jealous really.

4 ft was stoked I took him swimming and we all can't wait til tomorrow to go to SeaWorld!

Oh, and I'm proud to announce that I had a salad at Mc Donald's, crappy oatmeal and a banana at Denny's, and a Chef Salad at the Nudie Girls restaurant because they breaded and fried pretty much everything on the menu!

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