Sunday, August 19, 2012

Androids and Husbands

It's all their fault that I didn't blog yesterday.

After getting up at the crack of dawn -- actually I lie, the sun was NOT even up yet -- and getting some stuff down around the house, the husband and I loaded up our brood for some shopping. (Hooray for spending money! It's one of my most favorite things -- well that and drawing Granny Panties).

I made the husband buy me a rolling filing bin and a shelf for over my computer desk so I could clean off and organize it since I'm going to be needing it so much more with all the projects I have going on. When it's normal webdesign and coding work I can work around the mountain of clutter no problem but I actually require a surface when drawing -- I know crazy right? And we won't even mention that the husband has been harassing me for MONTHS to do something about the monstrosity. (Thank goodness I didn't have the forethought to take pictures of before -- cuz then I'd feel compelled to share my embarrassment.)

After our Target excursion, we went over to Costco and got distracted by the Cell Phone Kiosk and the shiny Androids. We were eligible for an upgrade and after you say the magic, "Buy one Get one Free" words we were sold. So excited were we, that I actually forgot to buy formula *YIKES*. So I get to go back to Costco today and buy some. It's worth the trip because it's so much cheaper than anywhere else and that Snugglebear will go through a can in a week and a half.

Can you believe the tenacity of my husband building my shelf and hanging it so I actually really HAD to clean off my desk yesterday? So between playing with my new phone, scaling my desk, and watching Hunger Games, I totally spaced blogging yesterday. Is it bad that 4ft said, "I didn't know you bought a new desk today, Mama." when he saw it cleaned off?

Oh, and I'm excited to say that while I was shopping at Safeway yesterday I almost lost my shorts (and the key word is ALMOST), because they're getting that too big. To date I've lost 29 lbs.

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