Friday, August 17, 2012

Death By Meatball...

I swear the meatball was out to get me. I nearly died. Over dramatic much? Nooooo......not me. Never.

That one! That one right there! (I think) It's the culprit!

I made some garlic wheat pasta with sauteed mushrooms and tossed in some chicken meatballs (they're soooo much more yummier than turkey ones because they don't dry out and get tough like turkey ones do) and finished it off with a few grates of fresh Parmesan (which is sooooo much yummier than Kraft Parmesan just FYI). I sat down to eat my delicious pasta creation (because yes I'm still on a pasta kick) and nearly choked to death on my third bite.

That evil little meatball tried to excavate my wind pipe. It was going to boldly go where no food has ever gone before and it was determined to make it so. Never fear I hacked and coughed and sputtered and survived the whole ordeal but it totally ruined the rest of my meal and my throat was weird feeling for HOURS afterwards. HOURS! Stoopid meatball. I showed it though. I swallowed that bad boy and digested it. That'll teach that meatball to mess with me! Meatballs around the world live in fear of my belly!!! 

On a less life-threatening note: I went out and bought a timer to put on my desk to set for the individual projects I have going so I don't get sucked into one thing (like facebook) and get hardly anything else done that day. So we're going to see how that works today -- as soon as I get it out of the Target bag, open the packaging, and find some place on my cluttered, messy, can't see the wood desk to put it on. 

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