Thursday, August 16, 2012


It's not very often that I get a craving for something -- well unless its like dessert or chocolate. Okay so I always have cravings but it's not often I get one for regular food. Yesterday, I was totally craving shrimp and BubbaGumps. It's a total tourist trap of a restaurant (they have one in San Francisco and Monterey -- not sure if its anywhere else) but the food is delicious and its worth the Forrest Gump ambiance to go. Anyways -- back to my cravings.

They have this appetizer called "Hush Pups" (it might have a character name in it like Jenny's Hush Pups or something, I'm not sure) and its basically a fried corn meal ball with like crab and corn in it and they serve it on a mound of sliced cabbage and with an almost 1000 Island like sauce. Normally, I eat like one, (and I only stop at one because we're sharing one order with the whole family which is like 4-5 of us who eat them and they're consumed FAST because they're delicious) and then I start dipping the cabbage in the sauce. I really love cabbage and the sauce is yummy.

Unless it's fat free Italian, I always eat my dressing on the side so I can control how much of it I eat.

So yesterday I made a garlic shrimp and Parmesan pasta and then I sliced up some cabbage and dipped it in Light 1000 Island. It was so delicious and the cabbage totally satisfied my craving for BubbaGumps without all the fat and a spendy trip out to The City.

The pasta turned out so awesome it tasted like it should've been bad for me -- but totally not. I bought a big bag of peeled and cooked shrimp from Costco (I love that place) and I use it for when I need a quick protein and I'd forgotten to get something out. So I pulled out like 10 and marinated them in grated garlic, a little rosemary, onion powder, pepper, and parsley, and when the pasta was almost done I threw them in a hot pan sprayed with olive oil from my Misto (one of my favorite kitchen gadgets) and heated them up and then tossed the pasta with a little of the starchy water. Then I grated fresh Parmesan over the top. Soooo delicious. I definitely recommend.

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