Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chicken on a Stick

Used to be when I made chicken on a stick I would cut the chicken really thin and then marinate it in teriyaki sauce for at least 24 hours which made the chicken tender and delicious and all I had to do was skewer it on the sticks and grill it. Well, teriyaki sauce has a crazy high sugar count (I know, I'm shocked too. Something that delicious be bad for you? No way.) and all that sugar soaks into the chicken. So it is pretty much a no no anytime but certainly a total no way for dinner.

So instead, I cut the chicken really thin rub grated garlic onto it (this is awesome -- when you use a microplane on garlic it makes it a mush that really spreads and gives a great garlic flavor), skewered it on the sticks, seasoned it with a little poultry seasoning and pepper, and then throw it on my cast iron grill pan (the closest I can get to barbecue at home). And then I brush on a light coating of barbecue sauce (yeah, I know it has a lot of sugar too but I stretch 2 tbs of sauce on 2 chicken breasts worth of chicken on a stick and a lot of it burns to the grill). It's just enough sauce to help give it a barbecued flavor.

I don't play around with salad -- Bob says you can "Harpersize It" and I take him at his word!

Add a large salad of romaine hearts with some fat free Italian dressing and pepper and there's dinner! And the kids especially like it because it's fun to eat. 

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