Sunday, August 5, 2012

Barbecues, Starbucks, Mc Donalds... Oh my!

Yesterday, the Hubs and I loaded up the chillens and headed to a State Park that is like 6 miles from our house to hang out, play, and barbecue. I realized that 4ft had never in his entire life roasted a marshmallow. Sure I'd made microwave s'mores -- it's not like he'd never had melted ones -- but there is something more awesome about roasting them on fire. So we planned the picnic -- took some hot dogs, chicken on a stick (for me), salad, chips, drinks, and marshmallows.

We got there early so we could pick our spot and then Daddy played with Snugglebear (he doesn't get to much during the week because of work) and I played ball and Frisbee with the boys. That lasted about 20 minutes before Grumpybutt decided he'd had enough nature and wanted to go home. While he tried to pull my bag towards the car (he was adamant) he saw 4ft's DS and then all was well with the world. He parked on the blanket next to his sister and played DS while 4ft and I ran around and played.

I had sliced a chicken breast thin and stuck the strips on sticks that way the chicken would cook as fast as the hot dogs. They turned out so good. I had them with a green salad while the boys had chips and hot dogs. I love barbecue hot dogs, but I love roasted marshmallows more (they have a siren's call -- don't tell me I'm the only one who hears it!) which is why I opted for the chicken and salad. Yes, I had roasted marshmallows (hey! I'm human after all.) but I only had 4. I wanted more. I mean I really really wanted more but I limited myself to 4 and I spaced them out by roasting some for the Husband too. Let me tell you I savored every. single. bite.

After we got back from the park I hooked up with my BF, Nikki (yeah the evil one who brought all the cake stuff over to my house) and we went to get our girl time pedicures. As with tradition we went to Starbucks before we soaked our feet and instead of the Caramel Frappaccino with extra caramel and chocolate drizzle with whipped cream I used to get, I got a iced coffee w/ a shot of sugar free vanilla, and mixed with soy milk with no whip. It was pretty delicious.

Then to finish up the trifecta of temptation we went to Mc Donalds for dinner. The pedicures took for-ev-er (2 1/2 hours) because they were short handed and crazy busy -- but they are soooo worth the wait. But because I was gone so long, everyone was hungry and I didn't have time to make dinner plus we had to go to Costco (we needed Coke -- the Husband is E-V-I-L without his caffeine fix). So quick and easy was the play called -- I got a Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad. Look at me stand in the face of temptation and only eat 4 roasted marshmallows!

This is the end of week 4 and so far to date I've lost 22 lbs! That includes 5 days in San Diego and a roasted marshmallow barbecue. Here's hoping the next month is just as fabulous!

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