Sunday, August 12, 2012

Glorious Splurge Meal

Normally my splurge meals are going to Chili's or BJ's and getting their house salad and a bowl of Chicken Enchilada Soup (Chili's) or Chicken Tortilla Soup (BJ's). The splurge I guess comes in the fact I always forget to bring my own salad dressing (I love me some light 1000 Island Dressing or Fat Free Italian) so I end up having to get the full fat versions. I always get it on the side as I like to dip my fork in dressing and then stab salad -- you eat less dressing that way -- and I don't even eat half of the portion of dressing they bring me. I've never actually looked up the nutritional info for the soups either, come to think of it, but then I don't count calories anymore. I just make smart choices, eat til I'm full and then stop. Amazing concept, right? So, I don't gain weight but I don't lose any that day either.

Yeah, I get on the scale every freaking morning. I'm a slave. But that's okay. Bob said it was. This way I know if I'm on track or not. I have a healthier outlook about the pesky number it reveals (or at least I try too), it's just a number to judge what foods work better with my body than others. I'm happy eating healthy. My body loves it and my disposition does too. When I eat healthy I don't suffer as much depression crap as when I don't.

Anyway, I digress (I know, my normal habit -- no one is surprised anymore)... Back to my splurge. I've been craving pizza. I figured why not? I could get it with 1/2 the cheese, Canadian bacon (a lean meat), zucchini, fresh garlic, and mushrooms. So yesterday that's just what I did! They have "personal pizzas" that feed one. I don't know who their "one" is, they're pretty big so I only ate half of it. And let me tell you I savored every freaking bite. I love LOVE pizza and that was the first one I'd had since July 10th when I got fed up with my bad eating habits and how I felt. Again.

So I jumped on the scale this morning to see how the pizza affected me. Well, I didn't lose any weight but then again I didn't gain any either. The number was the same as yesterday and it was immensely more satisfying for my splurge meal to be PIZZA than SOUP and SALAD, you know?

I've been eating healthy since July 10th and as of today August 12th, I've lost 25.2 lbs. I haven't been working out like a maniac -- I can't ever seem to find the time and I can't find a gym I like yet -- but I've been doing crunches, push ups, stretches, and whatever else I can do sitting on the floor with the Snugglebear or being climbed on by 4ft and Grumpybutt.

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