Sunday, September 2, 2012


And if you find them DO NOT return them.

From July 10th to date I've lost 34lbs and 3 pants sizes.

I found out about the pants sizes Friday night when I had to buy new ones to go to my grandmother's funeral yesterday. (No you guys hadn't missed anything -- I tend to internalize the sad parts of my life and wasn't ready to share that the most amazing, big-hearted, woman in my life was ill and then passed.) I didn't have anything appropriate to wear and I had sworn off buying clothes until I could fit in the ones before I got pregnant with Snugglebear. I AM ALMOST THERE! Anyways... I digress.

I'm not much of a dress wearer and with the small kids I feel more comfortable wrestling around with them in slacks than accidentally showing off my panties (not grannies -- those are for drawing only) to the world. So I was trying on dress pants. I knew I'd at least lost one pants size because the shorts I wear now I can put on without unbuttoning them. I have to belt them on. So I grabbed a size 24 -- because yes, *sigh* I had gotten back up to a 26 while pregnant. So much for not gaining a lot of weight. But right next to them was a 22 so I grabbed it for kicks and giggles. The whole way to the dressing room I was psyching myself up to the fact that the 22's might not fit and I was not allowed to get upset and mope about it.

After another huge pep talk in the dressing room I went for the 22's. I figured to just get it out of the way. I pulled them up easily (which started the smile) and buttoned them and they sagged too big! I started laughing right there in the dressing room. I'm sure the people around me thought I'd clearly lost my mind. I tossed back on my clothes and skipped to the girl working and told her that I had to get a SMALLER size! It was glorious. I grabbed a pair of 20's and they fit perfectly. Not too tight. Not too loose. And the things they did for my butt -- I hadn't realized how much smaller it had gotten (the husband commented on my shrinking butt too when I showed off my pants that night).

I realized that all my jeans for the winter are size 18. I refuse to buy anymore clothes. I have so many cute size 18 stuff that I'm determined to get into them before the weather turns. So I'm going to more aggressive on working out every day. I was doing some walking but to be honest most of the weight I've dropped so far has been from healthy eating choices not sweating. That's about to change. I've been re-energized and I'm more determined than ever to continue my healthy lifestyle.

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