Friday, August 31, 2012

Forgot To Defrost...

It happens to us all -- forgetting to get something out for dinner. Well I forgot yesterday. How do you stay on track when you do that? When you're starving and ordering a pizza or going to McDonalds seems so much easier and faster than trying to figure out what to fix. Cut a stick of string cheese into 4 equal parts, wrap a thin slice of lunch meat around each piece and make that your protein to go along with your big salad -- that's how.

It took a huge amount of willpower not to call for delivery pizza last night. Instead I did a choose your own dinner night for the kids. A freebie in the land of healthy eating. 4ft picked dinosaur chicken, chips, and ketchup. Grumpybutt picked Spagettios w/ meatballs -- and ate ONLY the meatballs because that's how he rolls. I stuck with something healthy. I was very proud.

You can bet first thing this morning I pulled out a couple chicken breasts. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet but hey at least I remembered to get them out.

I've got a yen to do some baking. Not to mention the husbands coworkers are sweating him for delicious baked goods so I'm going to put my willpower to the test this weekend and make Brownie S'mores. Here's hoping I don't dive head first into the baking dish, hork them down, and lick the glass clean. Wish me luck.

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