Thursday, August 30, 2012


Last night I played Wii and did Zumba. Not only was it a workout (I was totally sweating -- no "shine" here) but it was fun. I, of course, looked like a cross between someone getting electrified and dancing the funky chicken with absolutely no rhythm whatsoever. I'm not exaggerating when I say this white girl can't dance. Which is why I'm practicing in the privacy of my own home so I don't look like a complete dork when I'm able to finally go to a class. Hey a girl can hope.

I know I said I was going to try and go to a class but I haven't been able to go this week because the husband has been working late. Tonight he's getting home on time but I have Back To School night to go to so I won't be able to do it tonight either. I'm hoping maybe next week my schedule will loosen up so I can get over there. But in the meantime I've been walking 4ft to and from school pushing heavy kid-laden stroller and now adding Zumba in the evenings after I get the kids in bed. 

Foodwise, there's nothing exciting really going on. On Monday I made a seafood stew with crab, shrimp, and clams. Tuesday I mixed some leftovers into a whole wheat pasta -- but I'm pretty much over it now. I've been doing meatball sandwiches with Mozzarella the last couple of days -- delicious. Tuesday I did barbecue chicken on a stick with a big salad. Last night we had steak and black bean tacos on romaine lettuce. I still eat oatmeal every morning. I did bake an apple in vanilla and cinnamon extract with cinnamon sprinkled on it to mix into my oatmeal. It turned out okay. I need to add a little brown sugar to the baked apple, I think --cooking it really mutes the sweetness of the apple.

Oh, and I've finally finalized the title to my book coming out in November. The Great Gingerbread Goof. I also finished the first illustration and my editor liked it a lot. So that's cool.  

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