Thursday, September 6, 2012

Work and Nubs

I've been working my fingers to the nubs between all my jobs -- web design, writing, art, and then illustrating Sugar and Spice. Not too mention the whole parent of three kids gig I have going. I can NOT tell you how hard it is not to post my rough sketches of Sugar and Spice on the blog. They are so CRAZY CUTE! I can't wait until November to show off The Great Gingerbread Goof. CAN NOT WAIT!

I also squeezed in 20 minutes of Zumba last night (insert thanks to the husband here). I didn't want to and he made me. It's the first time I have since Sunday night. I have a legitimate excuse. I came down with the mother of all bladder infections on Monday out of the blue. Crippling -- made me cry like a pansy -- pain. So luckily, doctor gave me a prescription over the phone and I went and got that and some cranberry tabs that I shall be taking RELIGIOUSLY for the rest of my life to NEVER have that happen again. To say it sucked puts it mildly. It was heinous seventh level of hell kind of suckitude. No, I'm not a drama queen. What makes you say that?

So since I finally felt better last night, not too mention I did eat some potato and of course I had to do quality control on the s'more brownies I'd made, the husband forced me to do it. I felt much better afterwards and thank goodness for endorphin highs. That's the only way the man survives when he "helps" me like that. I actually ask him too. He wants to help and that's the only input he can give that doesn't make me evil flip out crazy because of aforementioned endorphins. It works for us.

And, in my favor I only had a partial brownie. It was delicious and I savored every bite I took, but it was rich and I hadn't eaten anything like that in awhile so a couple bites scratched the itch and I was good to go. I'm happy to say that instead of like the old days where I licked the mixing materials clean enough to look like they didn't need washed I just let the Grumpybutt lick them instead. He did all my taste testing while I baked. But I couldn't resist one small square of s'more brownie goodness and I didn't have to.

 Confession: I had to remind myself that lifestyle change does not equal diet and I was allowed to have one without a shame spiral. Which is why I didn't feel guilty eating it and horked it down before anyone saw me eat it but instead savored every bite in chocolate bliss. Small steps towards healthy thinking about healthy living. Go me.

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