Thursday, September 13, 2012

Busy Week

As much as I love blogging -- I'm going to have to come up with a new posting schedule. I just don't have the bandwidth to do it everyday anymore. I'm hoping to do it more than once a week but we'll see how it goes. Mostly, I just feel like I'm talking to myself -- which isn't a problem, I do it ALL the time but even that's lessened dramatically since I've gotten soooo busy.

So here's a recap of this last week.

Last week, after my genius friend Jessica suggested it, I ordered some Sugar-Free Torani syrup from Amazon at a much cheaper price. It came with delicious flavors and I'm now addicted to them. They're naturally awesome in coffee but they are epic in oatmeal too.

I also baked a carrot cake from scratch for my dad's birthday on last Saturday (I grated the carrots and everything). It turned out really delicious and it was a lighter version without sacrificing any of the flavor. A normal carrot cake has upwards to 1400 calories a piece and the one I made was around 250 calories a slice. I ate a piece on Saturday with my Dad and then I cut it up into little squares and sent it to work with the husband. One of his coworkers said it was "Da bomb!" so that totally made my day.

I tried a couple new recipes this past week as well.

The Parmesan Chicken Burgers, I got the base of from a Cooking Light recipe. I ditched the ciabatta roll -- that's a lot of bread and dipped the chicken patties in panko to give it a little more of a Parmesan chicken crunch. I added sauteed garlic spinach instead of fresh basil (I didn't have any) and it turned out super wonderful. Grumpybutt didn't touch his, but then I wasn't surprised. 4ft said it was super yummy and he took one to school for lunch the next day. So that was a win.

I also made  Rosemary Garlic Steak, oven fries (hooray for my julienne attachment and mandolin), and steamed broccoli. Grumpybutt had to squeeze every fry and say, "Yuck-yyy," with every squeeze and didn't even look twice at the rest of his food. 4ft said it was the best dinner ever and he wishes he could have the fries with every meal. So another for the win column. This one was my own "throw-it-all-in-and-see-what-you-get" recipes.

Lets see, 4ft has joined the Cub Scouts and the Wolf Den doesn't have a Den Leader so me and a couple of other parents of the Wolves are going to run the meetings and activities until they find someone. Which will probably be NEVER since we're doing it. So that's something else added to my already busy schedule. He's also selling popcorn to raise money for his troop if you're interested in helping a boy out here's the link to order it online: And here's a sorry in advance to the fact that I will be driving you all nuts with this. If he can sell $200 bucks in popcorn he gets to throw a pie at the Pack Leader -- needless to say he's ALL OVER THAT idea. I thank bob I'm NOT the Pack Leader. He's in Pack #951. If the link doesn't work. It should though.

Other than that I've been wrangling my children (a never ending job), doing laundry, and working -- writing, drawing, coloring (I know, how awful are those jobs?), and website coding.

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