Monday, August 12, 2013

The 4ft Has Landed

So 4ft finally decided to come home -- or you know, his Uncle and Aunt brought him home from Oregon on Saturday. The little ones were so happy to see him that they tackled him in hugs and slobbery kisses. So back to bedlam of three kids and the noise levels are back to what I'm used to so I can tune them out better. The quiet was deafening, I swear! LOL And what did we do to celebrate his homecoming? Clean house. Sunday is chore day. Hey, it's not my fault he didn't come home Friday to party with us on Saturday which is errand-running and shopping day. LOL

I tried some new recipes this week that turned out really good:
Spicy Chicken Fried "Rice"
No Bake Caramel (Maple -- because I didn't have caramel) Pecan Cheesecake -- I already spammed FB with pictures of these. LOL

This week on the menu is:
Pizza's (I'm either going to make mine on zucchini rounds or make cauliflower pizza crust)
Chicken Pad Thai (because yeah, it was seriously amazing)
Taco Casserole (instead of chips I'm going to use pork rinds)
-- I'll post pictures next week.

I have 8 more pounds to lose before I've hit my surgery goal (I've lost 16 lbs since July 14th). And then it's maintaining (and hopefully losing more) while I wait my turn on the waiting list.

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Nikki Olson said...

No Bake Caramel (Maple -- because I didn't have caramel) Pecan Cheesecake. I was able to taste 1 or 3 LOL so freaking good! I'm actually drooling right now thinking about it!YUMMY!