Thursday, February 13, 2014

Egg Sandwich

Last night, 4ft (my nine-year-old) had his Blue and Gold celebration for Cub Scouts. So after serving up a ton of food, our den was in charge of putting it on, and partying the night away scout style, I was too tired this morning and didn't want to hassle with putting together waffles. So I raided the fridge and threw together this one skillet, no fuss, egg sandwich breakfast.

Finally! Bread! I was able to eat bread without it hurting. Okay so it's the sandwich thins and when you toast them they really dry out (which is probably why I could eat it) but to be able to pick up a sandwich and eat it was a marvelous thing. Of course, I couldn't finish the sandwich. I ended up eating about 3/4 of it and then finishing just the egg and bacon out of the center (for the protein). It was seriously delicious and I was totally bummed I had to stop eating.

Egg Sandwich

1 slice center cut bacon
1/2 tsp minced garlic
1/2 cup raw spinach
cooking spray
1 extra large egg
salt and pepper
1 100% Whole Grain Sandwich Thin (toasted)
1/4 oz. of sharp cheddar cheese

1.) In a medium skillet, fry a slice of bacon to taste. Remove bacon from pan onto a paper towel. Set aside.
2.) Add garlic to hot pan w/ bacon grease and saute for 30 seconds. 
3.) Add spinach with a little salt and pepper to taste and saute until wilted. About a minute. Remove from pan and place on a toasted sandwich thin. 
4.) Put the bacon on top of the spinach and then add the sliced cheese.
5.) Add a little nonstick spray to the pan and fry up an egg with salt and pepper to taste (I like mine over medium -- the whites are done, the yolk is a little runny, and there is absolute NO egg snot! Egg snot is the worst. Blech!).
6.) Add the egg to the stack and voila, delicious sandwich.

Nutritional Info per Serving (makes 1 serving)
Calories: 246
Protein: 16
Fat: 12
Carbs: 22
Sugar: 2

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