Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Barbecue Chicken Quesadillas

So yeah, these happened by accident. I wanted a barbecue chicken sandwich. Kind of like the charbroiled chicken sandwich from Carl's Jr. Which always looks so delicious but is always such a letdown when you get one and eat it. So I tried slicing my chicken breasts lengthwise, you know to make them thinner. All I can say to that fiasco is I need sharper knives. Yeah, I mutilated the chicken.

No problem. We'll just have loose meat barbecue chicken sandwiches except we didn't have any bread. 

No problem. We have sandwich wrap spinach tortillas. That'd be delicious, except we only have one wrap in the bag. Yeah, that's not going to work there are five of us.

No problem. We have flour tortillas, except for they're taco sized so they won't really do wraps. 

No problem. We'll just have quesadillas. Barbecue chicken quesadillas should be good, right?

So I grab an onion except as I slice into it, I realized I grabbed an apple instead. Oops. What the heck, let's throw that in there. So I actually pay attention and grab an onion and slice that bad boy up too. 

4ft looked at me like I was crazy putting an apple inside a quesadilla and expecting him to eat it. I don't know why he still doubts me. Why wouldn't it be yummy? Absolutely no reason why it wouldn't be. It was splendiferous. The entire fail turned into one heck of a WIN! I'd make these quesadillas next time on purpose. ON PURPOSE I TELL YOU!!!

I could only eat half of it (the front one in the picture) and I had to beat my family off the other half (and they looked at me like I might be feeding them poison) because I'm eating that one for lunch!

Barbecue Chicken Quesadillas

2 large boneless skinless chicken breasts (approximately 16 oz) cut into strips
1 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp season all salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 cup barbecue sauce
1 tsp hot sauce
1 medium apple cored, peeled, and sliced thin
1 medium yellow onion cut sliced thin
1 tsp olive oil
5 medium - soft taco - flour tortillas
1 1/4 cup 2% shredded cheddar jack cheese

1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
2.) Combine chicken, garlic, season all salt, and pepper in a gallon Ziplock bag. Shake, rattle, and roll until chicken is fully covered in spices.
3.) Heat large non-stick skillet over medium high heat and when pan is hot, drop chicken in it. Searing for 5 minutes on each side.
4.) Add barbecue sauce and hot sauce to pan, turn heat down to medium low, and cook for 5 minutes or until barbecue sauce thickens. 
5.) Heat another large skillet over medium high heat, add oil, apple slices, and onion slices. Saute for 5 minutes or until onions are translucent and apples are fragrant.
6.) Divide cheese, barbecue chicken, and apple/onion mix evenly on half of each flour tortilla. Fold in half, place on a foil-lined baking sheet, and bake for 10 minutes or until tortilla is golden and crispy and cheese is melted.
7.) Cut in half and serve.

Nutritional Info per Serving (makes 5 quesadillas)
Calories: 367
Protein: 35
Fat: 9
Carbs: 37
Sugar: 11

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