Monday, June 14, 2010

Bacon, Angel Food Cake, Cheese Pizza... Oh My!

You read it right folks. Yesterday not only did I have a BLT for dinner, I also had Angel Food Cake w/ strawberries, and cheese pizza. On top of that I didn't surpass my target calories, carbs, fat, and protein.

How I did it:

I knew I was making the BLT's for dinner first thing in the morning so I planned my meals ahead to make sure I could enjoy my sandwich without going over on my goals.

I "invented" Strawberry Angel Food Cake Muffins. Basically Angel Food Cake in easily portioned muffins. They turned out pretty good -- even 3ft likes them and he doesn't like anything!

As for the cheese pizza, I confess I only had a bite. We went to Costco yesterday and while I had the Chicken Caesar Salad (minus the dressing, brought my own, the croutons, and most the cheese -- so it was about 250 calories instead of the whopping 650), 3ft had a slice of cheese pizza and gave me a bite. And that was enough to satisfy the pizza urge.

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - I took 3ft swimming after dinner for an hour and half (I drowned myself in sunscreen before we went. No more fat face for me!). Drank 12 glasses of water.

Breakfast - sliced strawberries and a Gogurt Simple
Mid-Morning Snack - 2 strawberry angel food cake muffins
Lunch - Costco Chicken Caesar Salad
Mid-Afternoon Snack - 1/2 turkey sandwich, 2 pickle spears, garlic stuffed olive, and 4 nacho cheese Doritos
Dinner - BLT!
Evening Snack - 1 cup of Frosted Mini-Wheats

total calories = 1437

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