Monday, June 21, 2010

Could've Been Worse.

Since yesterday was Father's Day, I pretty much threw my routine out the window. I started off with a normal breakfast. Then the kids and I took Daddy to his favorite Mexican food restaurant for his special lunch.

I did NOT eat any chips and salsa -- a major coup for me -- and I scraped the excess cheese off the refried beans, but I did eat all my lunch otherwise. It's my favorite Mexican food restaurant too. :D The damage could've been much worse.

But does the indulgence stop there? Oh no. We went to Olive Garden with my parents to celebrate Father's Day with my dad. Now, I could've had the manicotti which is what I always get on top of the huge salad and tons of bread sticks and really could've owned the calories. However, I didn't. I got the soup and salad. And while I did eat a lot of salad. I didn't eat the olives, the cheese, or the croutons which made it a little healthier. I only had one bowl of soup. Which was actually good on my part because it was so delicious I wanted another one just for that reason alone. NOT because I was actually hungry. But my willpower persevered!

All in all, I'm actually quite proud of myself and how I did yesterday. It could've been close to 3000 calories but I stayed pretty close to my target goals. My calorie count is an estimate as I did without ingredients that are normally counted in.

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - Sunday is my day off. Drank 12 glasses of water. Day 8 of no soda.

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, toast, and sliced strawberries
Lunch - chicken taco, refried beans, and spanish rice.
Mid-Afternoon Snack - (was still full from lunch)
Dinner - Olive Garden soup and salad -- ate A LOT of salad, one bowl of soup, and three bread sticks
Evening Snack - (was still full from dinner)

total calories = around 1700
total days = 14
total pounds lost = 6.2

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