Monday, July 26, 2010

Delicious Food.

I packed up the boys (all of them, including the Husband) and went to my in-laws yesterday for a barbecue. My sister-in-law is like a master griller (like how I make up my own words?) and she made the best grilled chicken and peppers ever. I meant to ask her what she marinated the chicken in (note to self: e-mail sister-in-law) but totally forgot to.

She's been doing a lot of work remodeling her kitchen so I asked her what dessert she wanted me to bring. She picked the lemon angel food mini-cakes and berry sorbet. She didn't care what kind of berry just so long as it was berry. I made a blueberry-strawberry sorbet that totally kicked butt and complimented the lemon angel food cake so well! She said it was the best dessert she's had in a long time. And the best part is a serving of the sorbet was only 60 calories and the cake was around 87. So delicious and not completely awful for you.

Well, before I left my sis-in-law asked for the sorbet recipe and a bunch of others have too. I live to serve (well when its convenient for me anyway), so here it is:

Standard Sorbet Recipe

2 cups fruit (I used 1 cup strawberry halves and 1 cup blueberries for the berry sorbet and I used a cup each of chopped mango and chopped peaches for the mango-peach)
2 TBS water
2 TBS lemon juice (I like my sorbet tart -- use less lemon juice if you want it more sweet)
2 TBS granulated sugar *
2 TBS splenda *
1 TSP cornstarch

* if you don't have splenda or want to use splenda use 1/4 cup granulated sugar instead.

1.) place fruit in a blender with lemon juice and water and pulverize it
2.) pour into a sauce pan and while STILL COLD mix in sugars and cornstarch
3.) slowly bring to a bowl -- stirring constantly
4.) boil for 5 minutes -- stirring constantly
5.) pour into a bowl and put it in the fridge to cool (approximately an hour)
6.) pour into a heavy duty ziplock bag and place it in the freezer -- mashing the bag every 1/2 hour to hour until frozen. **
7.) Enjoy. (I put mine in tupperware after it's set to make it easier to scoop and store)

** if you have an ice cream maker just pour the mixture into that after it cools in the fridge and it takes care of this step. I unfortunately don't have one so I have to do it the ghetto old fashioned way.

(pictured: mango-peach sorbet w/ lemon angel food mini-cakes)

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - Day off.

Water - Day 43 of no soda.

Breakfast - Cream of Wheat
Lunch - McDonalds Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/out mayo and a Fruit and Yogurt Parfait w/out granola
Mid-Afternoon Snack - pita chips and hummus
Dinner - Grilled Chicken Breast and grilled peppers, mushrooms, and onions

total calories = approx. 1458
total days = 48
total pounds lost = 18.4

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