Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Nemesis!

I took on my nemesis yesterday.

I love Chinese food. My Husband hates Chinese food. I'm sadly bereft of Chinese food as the regularity of Chinese food in my diet is minuscule.

My Husband had to work yesterday and my Mom took pity on me and came and got me and the boys to spend the day together. When asked what I would like for lunch, I listed some choices with healthy entrees on their menus. My mom gave me a quizzical look and said the words of doom! "I thought you'd want Chinese food as your husband isn't here."

I'm sure my eyes lit up like Christmas. Hell yes, I want Chinese Food!

Now I could've chosen a sit down restaurant and gotten a small entree and called it good. But ohhhh noooooo. I like Chinese food appetizers better than I like any rice or noodle dish. I'd rather have egg rolls, pot stickers, dim sum, foil wrapped chicken, sushi, you get the picture. The best place to get appetizers as a meal and not spend an exorbitant amount of money is at a buffet. So that's where we went.

Thus, I found myself facing my nemesis. Now I wouldn't say I walked away a victor but I wouldn't call myself a loser either. I perhaps ate a little too much as I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day but I could and have put away WAY more food than I did yesterday at lunch. So I feel vindicated. Besides, into everyone's life a little (or a lot of) buffet must fall (*snicker* I'm so philosophical!) and I'm living healthy not DIEting. So I enjoyed my egg rolls, pot stickers, dim sum, and sushi. And with that craving soothed, it'll be some time before I find myself in a conga line at a buffet again.

**drum roll**

And as for this week's weight loss, I can't say as if it would've been more if I hadn't "enjoyed" my bountiful appetizers yesterday or not, but I lost nearly 4lbs last week. 3.8lbs to be exact! So I'm totally stoked! So that's a grand total of 18.4lbs!

I've had a great week! New fabulous shoes, completed Week 2 of the C25K, all-you-can-eat Chinese food, and a 3.8lb loss! Hooray for me!

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - 33 minutes on the elliptical trainer and Strength Training and Yoga -- burning approximately 650 calories. Drank 12 glasses of water -- day 42 of no soda.

Breakfast - Cream of Wheat, slice of toast w/ peanut butter
Lunch - Chinese Food Buffet
Mid-Afternoon Snack - still full
Dinner - still full

total calories = approx. I can't even hazard a guess!
total days = 47
total pounds lost = 18.4

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Melanie Avila said...

Awesome! The nice thing about working out regularly is you CAN have the occasional splurge and it won't destroy you. Go go go!