Saturday, July 10, 2010


I don't know if I ever mentioned it but a couple weeks ago I turned my Wii Fit Bank (it keeps time of how many minutes and hours you've logged on to Wii Fit) bronze. I think it was at 10 hours... Well yesterday I turned it Silver!!!

I've logged over 20 hours on my Wii Fit. I think it's pretty awesome. It's all shiny and sparkly and another reminder of how well I'm doing. It's funny, the little balance board character that talks to you (either giving you grief for not going on for a couple of days or complimenting you for your dedication) tells me that I now have major bragging rights to my friends.

So I' bragging. It's silver! It's silver! It's silver! What color is yours (for those of you that have one)? Mine's silver!! Okay I'm done bragging. I just thought it was so funny that the little guy thought it was beyond awesome and anyone but me would care. LOL

Staying within my goals, drinking only water, and exercising 6 days a week, I feel better than I have in months. Just how I feel alone is enough to keep me motivated but the fact that my clothes are getting looser and I don't get winded running up my stairs when 3ft has forgotten something is definitely a BONUS!

I'm going to start the C25K program on Monday. 2 more days til I'm this much closer to running in a race.

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - 49 minutes on the Wii Fit -- burning 340 calories. Drank 12 glasses of water -- day 27 of no soda.

Breakfast - eggs, toast, sliced strawberries, blueberries, and sliced frozen bananas
Lunch - my version of a Maui Zaui Pizza
Mid-Afternoon Snack - 1/2 tuna sandwich and 1 pickle spear
Dinner - Herb Chicken, Garlic Rice, and broccoli
Evening Snack - split a Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream Cone w/ 3ft and some Frosted Mini-Wheats (no milk)

total calories = 1257
total days = 32
total pounds lost = 11.3

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