Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Silver Lining

It was mine. All MINE!!! *insert evil cackle here*

I had the gym to myself last night which meant the treadmill was lonely. Don't feel bad for it. I kept it company. I ended up having to switch my C25K to T, Th, S because I couldn't get on the treadmill. Well now I'm back to M,W,F. I figured why waste a perfectly empty treadmill just because it wasn't on a preplanned day especially when I didn't do it the day before.

So let me just say it still kicked my butt. I haven't noticed any "getting easier" at all with Week 3. I can do the first 3 minute jogging sprint no problem but the second one nearly kills me every time. Week 4 jumps up to 5 minute jogging sprints. I'm thinking I might repeat Week 3. I want to build up endurance and speed. I'm only going about 2.20 miles in 35 minutes. A 5K is 3 miles. I know this plan was designed for "couch potatoes" but I don't think it was exactly meant for Jabba the Hut potatoes such as myself (score! 2 days in a row I have a Star Wars reference -- yeah, I know. I'm a dork).

I had a rough day yesterday. My internet crashed because of a power flicker (wasn't even enough to make the computer turn off but it sure jacked up the router) and it took me forever to figure out how to fix it. And what finally did was me calling my husband and saying this is what happened, this is what it's doing, how do I fix it. On top of that, Mr. Grumpybutt was earning his name something fierce. He had to have cried, fussed, complained, hollered, screamed, yelled, bitched for 3 hours yesterday. And then after spending some time in his crib (it was either that or child abuse) he would stop screaming if I was holding him or sitting right next to him. So no more unstressful trips to the bathroom or into the kitchen for anything.

I was sorely tempted to shove my face full of food. I'm an emotional stress eater and my stress level was off the charts yesterday. I snacked a little harder than usual -- but it was healthy snacks. And I balanced it out with having a loaded baked potato for dinner instead of a full course meal. I wasn't really that hungry, the potato filled me up, and I wasn't snacky at all before bed last night so it did it's job. Now used to be, I'd stress eat and then I'd still eat a full dinner. So while I haven't quite kicked the emotional eating habit -- I at least kept it healthy-ish and didn't wreck my goal count for the day.

The treadmill wasn't my only highlight in an otherwise crummy day, yesterday. I also have awesome friends and family. After having read my whining on yesterday's blog about my jalapeno chips fiasco, my friends and family really pulled out the stops for me. I got several awesome links to places that sell jalapeno powder and other various spices and to top off the awesomeness my awesome sister, Crystal, has sent me a package filled with all sorts of nifty flavors including jalapeno powder and jalapeno pepper spice to experiment with! I can't wait to get it.

I'm truly a lucky girl!

--Previous Day Tracking --

Exercise - Week 3, Day 3 of the C25K -- burning approximately 450 calories
Water - Day 51 of no soda.

Breakfast - Cream of Wheat and sliced bananas
Lunch - Cajun Chicken Sandwich, 2 pickle spears, 100 Calorie Right Bites Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mid-Afternoon Snack - Granola bar, Lemon Angel's Food Cake and Berry Sorbet
Dinner - Baked Potato and a Chocolate Pudding Cup

total calories = approx. 1437
total days = 56
total pounds lost = 21.1

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