Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How the Kids Are Faring...

...with Mom's healthy food regime.

I asked 4ft what he wanted for breakfast this morning. He asked for eggs, Ezekiel bread toast w/ a little peanut butter and sliced banana on it, and "vanilla milk". He asked for a healthy breakfast without any prompting from me! We still have Lucky Charms in the cupboard and cinnamon rolls sitting on the counter and he asked for HEALTHY! I was so proud and I told him so. He was beaming. And from the way he ate, I can tell he actually liked it. (Every kid has tells about whether they actually like what they're eating or eating enough to not be hungry and be excused from the table)

Usually I get in the kitchen and throw something together and he has to eat it. But last night I asked him if he wanted Roasted Tilapia or Chicken (Husband does NOT eat fish, EVER! So if I want surf I have to throw some cluck in a different pan for him) and he chose the Tilapia and ate it all. He kept saying how good it was. That was why I asked him what he'd like for breakfast. I figure if I include him in the choices it'll help instill in him good eating habits so he doesn't struggle with his weight when he's older like I have my entire life.

The Grumpybutt is another story altogether. Does he eat healthy foods? No. He doesn't. But then he doesn't eat ANYTHING really. He basically picks at whatever food is in front of him. Sometimes he eats, sometimes he just drinks his milk, sometimes he does neither. So I figure if he's going to pick he might as well pick at healthier choices. I'm hoping he'll get used to seeing them on his plate and actually eat them. Regardless we talk about why it's important to try new things and the importance of the food on our plates and the vitamins and nutrients we get from them. Maybe eventually he'll understand and it'll sink in. I could try and force it but then I'd have a battlefield for a dinner table and the victory wouldn't be worth it. Mealtimes around the table should be an enjoyable time of getting face time as a family. I'm hoping Grumpybutt will grow out of the picky stage like his brother did and I'm really hoping that Snugglebear will not be picky at all!

Yesterday's Food

Oatmeal w/ blueberries and bananas
Iced Coffee

My take on Italian Wedding Soup
Slice of Ezekiel 7 Grain Bread

String Cheese Stick

Roasted Tilapia with lemon and a shot of hot sauce

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