Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Can I get a hallelujah?

Here's why:

Yesterday, my friend, Nikki, came over laden with a crate full of baked cakes, tubs of frosting, bags of marshmallows, and a ginormous bag of powdered sugar. No, she wasn't trying to sabotage me, she wanted me to help her cake.  She needed to make a birthday cake for a party for this kid (Wow, you know you're old when you call someone turning 23 a kid. Hold on while I process this. Ouch. Okay) and she wanted my help building it and to teach her how to make Marshmallow Fondant which is like the most yummiest thing on the planet. (In my defense, my sister, Kelsey, is going to be 23 in November and she'll ALWAYS be a kid to me. Shew, there maybe I'm not that old after all.)

I was elbow deep in cake, frosting, and fondant from 10am to 4pm and nary a taste passed these lips. I ain't going to lie, as I pulled excess fondant off the cake and saw that it had cake and frosting stuck to it I was tempted to pop the marshmallowy goodness in my mouth but I didn't. I DIDN'T! There were also a number of times I caught my fingers halfway to my mouth with frosting on them (mindless habitual finger licking) but I quickly washed it off instead.

I had THE. MOST. FUN. yesterday making that cake. We agonized, cursed, I stabbed it by accident with a knife THROUGH the fondant (I could've committed hari kari at that point), and we laughed our butts off. I love building cakes and creating stuff like that (Nikki is going to post a picture after the birthday party - the cake is a surprise - and tag me in it that way I can show you what we did). I just wish I didn't love to eat the fruits of my labor as much. And I had been missing it. I love the creativity to it and making pretty food to give to others but I haven't done it because I wasn't sure I could without eating it and I didn't want to sabotage myself that way. Now I have the incredible urge to bake something and send it to work with the husband. I'm sure him and his coworkers would rejoice at the idea.

I also have another reason why I deserve a hallelujah.

I missed snacktime while caking. By the time we got done with the cake it wasn't almost dinnertime. We were all hungry and I was tired and I didn't WANT to cook. I was seriously SERIOUSLY tempted to load up the kids into the van and drive over to McDonalds - where I'd like to say that I would've ordered a salad and stayed away from the cookies but who knows. I was really hungry.


I tossed the chicken into the toaster oven and fed Snugglebear her rice cereal while it cooked. Then I made a pasta and some broccoli for the boys and then made the biggest freaking salad on the planet for myself. Normally when I say "big or huge salad" it's just romaine lettuce. It's just a side dish. But when I make it as the meal it turns out like this: (It's a big plate)
And I ate the WHOLE thing. And then I felt so much better. 

Yesterday's Food

Oatmeal w/ blueberries and banana slices
Iced Coffee

Italian Wedding Soup (my version) with barley added in

Planet sized salad with cucumbers, cauliflower, egg, cheese, grilled chicken, and romaine lettuce.

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