Monday, July 16, 2012

Where'd That Come From?

I'm not sure where it came from, but the other day I was talking to 4ft about how we were eating better to be healthy, happy, and have more energy and he added, "and because I'm fat." I looked at him in a stupor, completely caught off guard.

Where did he get that idea?

The kid isn't "fat". Okay, he's solid and is starting to have a bit of a tummy but I wouldn't call him fat. He's 7 and still growing. So it makes me wonder where he got this self image. If someone at school called him fat or if he hears me talking about myself and decided because I say I'm fat that his little belly makes him fat too. I don't know. So I stressed that we were eating to be healthy but that if his tummy bothered him (he nodded emphatically) that eating healthy would help make it shrink. 

So my little trooper has been trying everything I eat and game to try new things. He wants US to be a healthy family. I already locked down on the juice pouch intake but decided that at seven-and-a-half didn't need all the fat from cow milk and that he could get the same calcium and better nutrients from another source. So we've been trying alternatives to see what he likes. He likes almond milk if it has Ovaltine mixed in but he really likes Silk Light Vanilla Soy Milk. He asked if he could have that from now on.

Hooray for healthy habits as a family!

Yesterday's Food

Oatmeal w/ blueberries
Iced Coffee

The other half of the Casa Flores Shrimp Fajitas w/ sour cream and guacamole over a big salad

an apple
a cheese stick

Tossed some shrimp, steak, red bell pepper, and onion from the fajitas I made at home into the last of the vegetarian chili, with a dollop of nonfat greek yogurt and a pinch of 2% shredded cheese
Big Salad w/ oil and vinegar

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