Sunday, July 15, 2012

Prep For the Week

I've been a busy little bee today. 

I've hard boiled a slew of eggs, cut up and froze an entire pineapple, chopped some romaine, roasted some chicken breasts, boiled some barley, and made turkey meatballs. It's too hot now but in the morning I'm going to roast a bunch of veggies.

This is going to make my life easier this week. I'll have quick fixings for dinners, salads, and snacks for when time gets away from me with the kids and I need to eat NOW. This will keep me from reaching for the chips, gummies, and other snack foods I keep on hands for the kids and husband. Or even better, keep me from snarling at my family while I'm trying to put together a meal while starving. (They like me much better now that I've started eating fruit and oatmeal again - just saying)

I'm trying two new things this upcoming week: Barley and Ezekiel bread (found in the freezer of your grocery store). Bob touts how fabulous this bread is and how it's his favorite so I thought I'd give it a try. I'll let you know about the bread. 

Oh yeah, and I've lost 12 lbs already. (Like how I so nonchalantly throw that in there! Wooofreakinghoooo!)

Yesterday's Food

Oatmeal w/ banana
Iced Coffee

1/2 portion of Casa Flores shrimp fajitas with sour cream and guacamole

Barbecued Chicken Breast
Big Salad x2 (I went back for salad seconds)

Yeah, I didn't eat enough yesterday. I went to bed early instead of stuffing my mouth with food. It was too late by the time we got the kids in bed and settled. We left in the morning after breakfast and didn't get home til 7:30. I hadn't packed snacks because I didn't realize we'd be gone all day until after we left the house. 

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