Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sabotage At Every Turn

I had grandiose plans yesterday.

I was going to start my shelf idea -- by priming my paint stir sticks so I could paint pretty acrylic designs on them. But every time I would try to do so one of my kids would have some catastrophic need for me like a "look what I can do" moment which are a matter of life or death. So I didn't even start.

I have a pile of work that is growing exponentially in epic proportions that I was going to start tackling yesterday. But the second I would sit down at "my beloved" the kids c-blocked me again and it's hard to tell the Snugglebear (who is going to be 6-months-old on Monday) that Mommy is busy and you can entertain yourself for awhile.

Why didn't I try to get something done after the kids went to sleep? Well that would be because the Snugglebear was trying to wait for her Daddy to get home last night (is all I can think of as to why she refused to go to sleep) and I couldn't get that rat to sleep until 9:30 and by then I was hot (the A/C unit for my apartment is laughable), exhausted (having been up since 4 am and wrestling with 3 children all day), and just wanted to be prone in front of the fan.

We did have a success in the make a smoothie to put into the new Popsicle mold I bought. 4ft had a ton of fun measuring greek yogurt and almond milk. He was also stoked he got to pick the fruit and chop the banana. He also got to blend it, and pour it into the mold. Then he couldn't wait to eat it. He ended up having it as the "fruit" to go with his eggs and toast this morning. He loved it. And can't wait to make different flavors.

Heaven help me if he starts trying to get "sandwich" creative with the smoothies.

Yesterday's Food

Oatmeal w/ banana and blueberries
Iced Coffee

Stir-fry soup. (I added beef broth, barley, and some left over meatballs to a big bowl of stir-fry. Super delish.)

an apple
tsp of peanut butter
split the smoothie that didn't fit in the mold with 4ft -- around a 1/4 cup with a dollop of whipped cream

Roasted Tilapia w/ fresh herbs, lemon, and hot sauce
Big Salad w/ oil and vinegar

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