Friday, August 24, 2012

What I'm Eating.

I haven't been posting much about what I've been eating. Not because I haven't been eating healthy, I have, but mostly because I'm a total creature of habit and will eat the same things over and over again until I move on to something else. As you know I've done a salad kick, a soup kick, a pasta kick, I was doing B(turkey)LT on toasted Ezekiel bread for awhile too. You can only post so much about it, you know? Without feeling like you're becoming super boring (which I already struggle with because I am).

So, I'm working on an "Ode to Oatmeal". I've been trying different combinations to change up the flavor of oatmeal. Since I eat oatmeal every morning because it's quick, easy, and super good for you. But mostly it's quick and easy and when I'm getting three kids ready for school in the morning it's how I make sure I eat with them. You know, I have friends with more kids than me and I tip my hat to them. I don't know how they do it when I can barely remain functioning with my own. Anyway, back to oatmeal. I don't want to get bored so I've been experimenting. When I get the pictography done I'll post them and the recipes.

Yesterday I was craving Mexican food. I had some leftovers so I threw it together and made black bean and steak tacos on Romaine leaf boats. So it looks like a hot mess in the picture but it was so yummy. A little black beans, a little Spanish rice, some chopped up steak, a little salsa, hot sauce, and a little dollop of light sour cream spread out on both. Normally we do tacos at dinner and I forgo the rice -- but at lunch I can totally have some. So I did. I honestly don't miss the tortilla. It tastes pretty much like a taco (after you load up the tortilla how much of it do you really taste anyway?) and I can pick it up like a taco so my brain and belly think its a taco.

I've been craving hummus and pita chips. So I'm going to get some whole wheat pita bread (pre-made pita chips are high in everything as far as I can tell) to make chips and some garbanzo beans for the hummus (pre-made hummus seems to be high in stuff too) and probably eat on that next week.

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