Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday 2: Holiday Gluttony Be Gone

I always swear during the holidays I'm going to make healthier choices and avoid the chocolates and cookies and cakes and pies (oh my!) but I NEVER DO! And while I didn't get the weight gain I get some years -- I do believe those years coincide with being pregnant, just sayin' -- I still gained some and completely derailed the healthy choices train.

So instead of pancakes for breakfast, I've been having oatmeal. Okay, you got me, 4ft is back in school I don't have time to make a big pancake breakfast and get three kids ready to take one kid to school. But I could've had Fruit Loops and I didn't. Okay -- I don't like Fruit Loops. So really it was oatmeal or oatmeal but that was a conscious choice on my part to make sure I don't have any sugary "kid" cereals in my cupboard that I DO like. So see, go me! 

January is a lame month to do year resolutions. I get that it's the first month of the year but really, besides my birthday on the first -- which always derails the resolution train -- I have three more birthdays to get through and three more cakes to make and then try not to hork down my own body weight of them. I heart cake. It's like the perfect food. That and bacon. Is there any wonder why I'm always struggling with my weight? 

In other news: I found a great donut recipe. I love trying to make new things and I've never made doughnuts. And really, they're like cake, fried cake so kind of like bacon (yeah that's stretching it) so it's time to start practicing my watch word. MODERATION! *screams like Pee Wee Herman's Playhouse* Because I'm making homemade doughnuts this weekend. Probably on Sunday so what we don't eat for breakfast the husband can take to work Monday and I won't have to hear their siren's call drowning out the sensible song of oatmeal. 

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