Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday 3: One Down, Two To Go...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Grumpers!

January is THE month. Since the kids' birthdays are so close together -- Grumpers (13th), 4ft (20th), and Sassy (23rd) -- we got my family together for one big shindig to celebrate last Sunday. Since Grumpers doesn't eat anything, 4ft picked the menu and made sure we had something that each kid liked -- French fries for Grumpers, Mac n Cheese for Sassy, and BBQ ribs for 4ft. Not necessarily the healthiest lunch but it was sure delicious and the kids loved it and that's what's important.

I didn't make a cake because Grumpers doesn't really eat cake. He likes ice cream though so we all went to Baskin Robbins. They had Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. It was delicious. I'm super proud to say that while I wanted to go back for a second scoop. I didn't. I stuck with the one I got (but I really really wanted to go back for another one).

4ft's birthday is next Sunday. We'll probably take the boy child out for lunch but that's about it. He's having a ginormous extravagant (see expensive) birthday party on the 23rd and he opted for his actual day to be played down for the ginormous extravagant (see expensive) birthday party. For that party I will be making a cake. I will actually be making two cakes. Because we're having his ginormous extravagant (did I mention see expensive -- no I'm not bitter about the highway robbery birthday party places get away with) party on Sassy's birthday. And she needs a "I'm turning 1 so I can shove my face in the cake" cake.

I haven't finalized an idea for her cake yet. I'll probably do a "block" cake with her name spelled out on the sides because 4ft's cake is going to be a huge undertaking.

4ft wants a Beyblade cake. A Draco Beyblade to be exact, as of right now it's his favorite. I'm fully expecting to have a last minute change to the design but a kid only turns 8 once right? So it's going to be layers of chocolate cake, oreo truffle, and italian buttercream, covered in chocolate candy fondant and shaped like a Beyblade. I'm pretty excited to make it. I like playing in cake. It's fun.

It's really cold in my house. I think I'm going to go crank up the heater so I can then be complaining about how hot it is. See you next Tuesday.

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