Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Discovery Kingdom Trip

On Monday we planned to take the kids to Discovery Kingdom for the last big hurrah before school started. So, after forcing Grumpers out the door (he didn't want to leave, he was playing trains) and into the car and after driving the hour (some of which was during commuter time), we pulled up to the gates in Vallejo and it was CLOSED. Apparently August 19th was the first day of Fall hours to where they are only open on the weekend. I wished I'd have gotten that memo before driving all the way there and breaking three kids' hearts and then having to turn around and drive all the way home. So instead of a fun-filled coaster-riding animal-watching day, we had McD's for lunch (at least the family did -- I ate at home) and I took 4ft swimming for a couple hours. 

In other news, I'm excited to say I'm five pounds away from my surgery goal weight!!!